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Germs in the Office

Do you know that your office might be filled with hundred times more bacteria than a toilet seat?
This is the finding from one of America’s leading expert in work and home hygiene, Charles Gerba, A professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona.
Especially in the summer month with air conditioning units and ventilation shafts are good breeding ground for bacteria, virus and mold.

When its time for moving your office, you don’t want to get sick from all those accumulated germs for the last couple of years.

Below are the ones you have to watch out for:

1) Wash your hands thoroughly
2) Don’t touch your face too much– Great way to transfer all that nasty germs into your face. 
3) Beware of your neighbor’s cubicle– They might not cleaned their desk or workspace. 
4) Clean out the keyboard and office phone– Keyboard and office phone are two places that contains plenty of bacteria and virus.
5) Dispose food in a sealed plastic bag- Throw them out sealed in a plastic bag because food might attract rodents and insects. 
6) Don’t eat in front of your desk– You might not see it, but all the crumbs will fall onto your desk, attracting rodents and insects. 
7) Sanitize the copy machine button, door knob for entrance and bathroom- Key places that harbors plenty of germs not only from you, but also from many different people. 
8) Clean out the ventilation and A/C filter- Contains mold and dust that can get into your respiratory system and make you sick. 
9) Vacuum the carpet, clean the floor and pick up all garbage around you- No brainer, but should be your daily or weekly habit.  
10) Wipeall corners of your desk, computer, telephone, etc with lysol or purell sanitation wipes- you might be surprised how much dust and mold builds up just for couple of days. You don’t want to breathe into them into your respiratory system. 
11) Clean out your kitchen – Office kitchen are also hotbeds for germs and rodents and insects. Clean them regularly. 

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