Things not to move in your house

8 Dec by panam

Things not to move in your house

1) The Fridge
Depending on size and weight, its heavy, bulky, complicated and it could leak water due to melting ice inside the fridge.

2) The Piano
Big, Heavy, bulky, easily damaged, and consist of many parts. The problem compounds if you have expensive pianos such as Steinway or grand piano. Some piano needs to be crated in interstate or international travel. PYL Relocations has 30 years experience in handling pianos and we can expertly move them without a scratch

3) Washer and Dryer
Heavy and very bulky, and moving them across the narrow doorway can be a real hassle. In addition the rubber waterline can be problem too because it can deposit minerals that be prevent the valve to be closed properly. If you remove the hose, the water can also leak to the floor which is a problem for home owners.

4) Glass and Mirrors
Brittle, weak, big, heavy and poses a safety risk when it breaks and the shards are on the floor. Call us to handle them.

5) Big and expensive furniture
Big sofas, leather couches, big bookcases, cabinets, heirloom furniture, anything big, expensive and valuable. Call us to handle them.

6) Delicate Artwork
Your priceless paintings and sculptures that you bought at the gallery or won at the bid. Expensive artwork requires expert handling. Most of them required to be crated. Fortunately, we are highly experienced to handling artworks.

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