Things not to move your self in the office

8 Dec by panam

Things not to move your self in the office

Some things in the office better be left alone when moving..

1) Computer Servers
All the company data as well as internet access may require delicate and professional hands in moving, disconnecting and re connecting. In addition servers are heavy and bulky to move, so don’t risk your employees to carry them. Call a professional mover who knows how to handle such equipment.

2) Computer Workstations
Your IT team may disconnect and reconnect your computer work stations but they can’t move them and it is not their job to move heavy computer equipment. Computer workstations come in different parts and wires and even the furniture supporting them. Our job is to disconnect, label, pack, transport and reconnect each workstations. On Monday morning, when your employees come in, everything is ready to go.

3) Executive Desks
If you try to do it yourself, executive desks are heavy and comes in many different parts(Drawers) and has all different kind of stuff lying around the drawers too. 

In addition, you would not want to lose important documents in the relocation process too.

4) Copiers and copying machines
Multi functional scanner/copy machines are valuable in everyone’s office. If you have a big machine than you would not want to jostle and drop them when moving. Contact your copier’s vendor to see if any pre work is needed. Then ask your office mover to move the copy machine at the day of the move.

5) Filing Cabinets
Filing Cabinets are heavy, big and can even injure your employees hand and feet, if not careful. Size and Weight of the cabinets make moving them to new location a difficult task. Avoid damaging the cabinet, yourself, and your employees.

6) Artwork
High valued sculpture and artworks are also challenging because they can be easily damaged during the move, some of them are heavy and some comes in a weird asymmetrical forms. So leave them to the professionals like us who knows how to handle artworks and others.

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